How can I open the closed window in Chrome? I mean exactly window with all its tabs, but not a single tab. I know that you can open tab by clicking Ctrl+Shift+T.

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I use: https://sessionbuddy.com/

It's a Chrome extension - seems minimal resources wise

Been using it for years. Does the trick. Gives you peace of mind.

(I have no vested interest in the company)


I'm not sure why Ctrl+Shift+T does not satisfy your needs. If you open a new window with a few tabs, and close it, then it will show up in your history.

If you then hit Ctrl+Shift+T, Chrome will re-open the window with its tabs. It is not limited to opening one tab at a time, and I think that is what you seem to believe?

Here's a picture of the history, after closing a window with multiple tabs. Clicking it, or hitting Ctrl+Shift+T will reopen the window and its tabs


I think the only way is to go to "Recently closed" on a new tab. You can see here.

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