I was trying to add the Spanish language pack and remove the English LP to Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP2 iso file.

Some info that will help you to answer:

  • The OS installed on my PC is Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
  • The OS in the .iso file is Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP2
  • I'm using the DISM tool v6.1 from WAIK.

I've mounted the install.wim file into a folder successfully, the issue starts here:

I've typed the command dism /Image:mountedfolder /Get-Packages and dism outputs this:

The command specified is unknown or not supported when running DISM.exe against a Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 or a Windows Server 2008 target image.

For more information, see the Help documentation available in the Windows Automated Installation Kit <Windows-AIK> or the Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit <OPK>.

It seems dism is not compatible with Windows Vista images.

Could DISM work with Windows Vista images? Is there an alternative for dism? Is there some way to add LPs without downloading third-party software (except Microsoft tools)?


It seems you're looking for imagex.exe and peimg.exe.

The lowest DISM version was made for Windows 7. If you need to do the same with Windows Vista, you could use WAIK for Vista, for example imagex.exe, intlcfg.exe, pkgmgr.exe and peimg.exe. If you're managing packages, I recommend peimg.exe it'll fit your exact needs.

If you downloaded the LPs from Vistalizator, check out http://www.froggie.sk/download/langadd64.cmd and http://www.froggie.sk/download/langlist64.cmd these commands are made for Windows Vista. If you don't want to use third-party tools, you can read these command files and learn how to use peimg.exe.

The equivalent of /Get-Packages in peimg.exe is.

peimg.exe /list path\to\your\mounted\wim

The equivalent of /Add-Package in peimg.exe is (the following example is based on your question and your needs).

"%WAIK%\Tools\PETools\peimg.exe" /import=path\to\your\lp.cab path\to\your\mounted\wim
"%WAIK%\Tools\PETools\peimg.exe" /install=*LanguagePack* path\to\your\mounted\wim

To mount/dismount your ISO, use imagex.exe.

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