I am attempting to split a two-way mirror storage space. There are two physical disks in the storage space. The idea is to keep the contents of the storage space, while going back to NTFS. I do not have the additional disk capacity to copy over the contents of the storage somewhere else while I remove the storage space entirely.

Thus, I retired one of the two disks and attempted to format the retired disk. Unfortunately, when the disk is retired, it is still part of the storage space. I then attempted to repair the storage space, but it will complain there is not enough space and demands a HDD replacement to keep the two-way mirror intact. Since Windows does not seem to let me touch the HDD that's still in the storage space, I'm completely stuck at this point.

How can I force the HDD out of the storage space to format it as NTFS and copy the files over from the storage space? Or is there another way to accomplish my goal?

  • You could turn the machine off, remove the disk, nuke it via any number of ways, reinsert it - I'm presuming windows will let you access the files even with one disk down/missing? – djsmiley2k Jun 28 '17 at 17:44
  • @djsmiley2k I believe it does some sort of serial ID detection to figure "Hey, this is my disk, I'm going to completely hide it from you and use it as such". It does allow access. If anyone can confirm this theory, I'll just pop into Ubuntu and use gparted to nuke it into oblivion. Good thought! – Roel van Uden Jun 28 '17 at 18:12

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