Target Result: To set up Wekan on Windows Server 2012 R2 and remotely access it

Current Status: Currently the site is now up and running if I access it inside the server via this URL http://localhost:3000

The Issue: The site is up, I can access the site using localhost:3000, but when I tried to access I am just getting a blank page but the tab title and icon is showing correctly. I can't also access the site remotely using its IP address.

Things tried but didn't work:

  • Run this command to CMD: netsh http add iplisten
  • Update the hosts file from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and uncommented the line localhost

Other infos:

  • When I tried to access http://localhost and both are showing same result (IIS Windows Server page)

  • When I ping localhost it replies from ::1: (from my research this is the equivalent of in IPv6, I might be wrong)

  • When I ping it replies from

Please help or give me hints why localhost:3000 and is not showing the same result when accessed via browser.

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