So we have a "corporate" networks with all laptops, about 65-70 of them. We do not have and do not plan to have an on premises active directory/domain controllers. By requirement of our jobs we need a total cloud-based solution. We have leveraged Azure as best as we can with InTune, but is far from perfect.

All of the laptops were Azure AD Domain Joined -- and are NOT managed by the InTune APP but rather the Azure AD Join MDM service tied to InTune. I was wondering what are other ways to apply "policies" such as Screen Timeout, Ask for Password on Wake, Setting System-Wide Application Defaults via batch script or installer? I have accomplished much of what I want with batch scripting but haven't found much on how to set app defaults and apply basic settings to Local Group Policy. Provision packages simply do not work. I have tested NUMEROUS package combinations with the Configuration Designer and just get constant errors trying to install the packages.

Yes, I know Azure AD is not a true AD replacement, but we do not have the resources to utilize on On-Prem solution, so we need to come up with creative ways to apply base policies before we hand the end user their machine.

  • Default app can be set with assoc and ftype commands. Also with dism command. Article – Biswapriyo Jun 29 '17 at 15:50
  • Thank you! This is REALLY useful :) Now just to figure out commands/scripts to manipulate local GPO. – nathank1989 Jun 29 '17 at 16:30

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