To start Calibre in the system tray, normally you can execute the command:

calibre --start-in-tray

When I do it, it always fails and opens in a normal window. Executing the above instruction in the terminal tells me:

Failed to create system tray icon, your desktop environment probably does not support the StatusNotifier spec

It would surprise me if this was really true, since I have other tray icons working like Teamviewer, Fl.ux, and Syncthing-GTK working in the tray.

I tried installing KDE and booting into it, and the problem was solved, but I don't plan on continuing to use KDE and Cinnamon side-by-side on the same OS install. Also, in my troubleshooting, I learned the devs recommend uninstalling the version of Calibre that is in the OS repositories and instead install the binary with a wget command from the Calibre website.

Is the calibre system tray icon really incompatible with the Cinnamon tray? If so, is there another tray I could install?


I posted this on a forum where the creator of Calibre, Kovid Goyal, frequents and he issued the following answer:

Yes, it really is. You need a tray that implements the StatusNotifier spec. calibre does not support the obsolete X window based status icons as they have many issues.

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