We recently changed our company name so our email domain has changed. How do I set a rule to send a reply (Template message) to only people using my old email address? I don't want them to get it if they are using the new one. The message is to inform them of the email address change.


These instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2016 (not the Office 365 Outlook). It should be fairly easy to adjust these rules for any version of Outlook back to Outlook 2010.

  1. From the HOME tab, pull down RULES and select Create Rule...
  2. Click on Advanced Options...
  3. Select the condition "with specific words in the recipient's address"
  4. This condition will appear in the rule description below. In the rule description, click on the highlighted "selected words".
  5. In the Search Text dialog that appears, in the first field, enter the old email address, or enough of it to ensure that it will trigger on that and only that, then click on Add..., then click on OK
  6. You'll return to the Rule Wizard. Click Next >
  7. You will now be selecting an action. The action you want is "reply using a specific template".
  8. Select the template. You will need to have created the template and saved it earlier. Once it's selected, click NEXT >
  9. Select any exceptions, and edit the criteria as needed, then click Next >
  10. Give the rule a name, and click FINISH. The rule is now ready to run, and will run the next time someone sends you a message to the specified address.

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