I'm currently writing a windows batch file which needs to check if a folder with the current computer name exists. If it doesn't, it writes the folder with the name, but if it is already there, it appends a number at the end so that in the end I'd have a folder containing folder names like this


so far, I tried using this piece of code

set usb=G:
SET logdir="%usb%\logs\%computername%"
FOR /L %%F IN (1,1,25) DO (
IF NOT EXIST "%usb%\logs\%computername%-%%F" (
md "%usb%\logs\%computername%-%%F"
SET logdir=%usb%\logs\%computername%-%%F)
goto :eof
ECHO %logdir%

but all I manage to do is exit the loop, not something I want to do.


set dir=G:\logs\%computername%

set n=0
md "%dir%"||call :a %n%

rem rest of your script    


rem the a label is set after the exit function to prevent it from
rem running in the actual script when it's not required.

set /a n+=1
md "%dir%-%n%"||goto a
exit /b

This script will create numbered folders in the way you described.

In batch, the syntax for set is set "foo=bar". Quotes are necessary when variables include syntax breaking characters, like & or |. Spaces do not require quotes when declaring variables. set foo="bar" sets foo to "bar".

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Option 1 - Creating All Folders At Once

Based on the starting code in your question, this will produce a folder with an extension (1 through max) if it does not already exist in one call:

SET usb=G:

SET logdir="%usb%\logs"

SET max=25

FOR /L %%F IN (1,1,%max%) DO (
    IF NOT EXIST "%logdir%\%computername%-%%F" ( 
    md "%logdir%\%computername%-%%F")


Example Batch Folder Creation All At Once

Option 2 - Creating Folders Incrementally

As a second option, the solution below will add an incremental file extension once per call (based on the total number of folders in the directory). Likewise, it disregards existing folders:

SET usb=G:

SET logdir="%usb%\logs"

FOR /f %%A IN ('dir /b /ad %logdir%^|find /c /v "" ') DO SET fcount=%%A

SET /a fcount+=1

IF NOT EXIST "%logdir%\%computername%-%%A" (
    MD "%logdir%\%computername%-%fcount%")


Example Batch Folder Creation Once Per Call


  • The first solution will always produce folders 1 through max.

  • The second solution has a weakness in that it uses the total folder count in a directory. So while it will produce similarly named folders with numerical extensions, true ordered sequences with no gaps (i.e. -1,-2,-3,-4...) require:

    • all folder names in a directory need to be the same.
    • any additional folders (e.g. those added manually) keep this sequence (i.e. if computer-6 exists, the next manually added folder must be computer-7).
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  • I just need something that will count up to prevent folder overwriting and indicate which folder came first and then second. – Flaver-D Jul 1 '17 at 14:21
  • Both of these solutions should fulfill your needs then. – Anaksunaman Jul 1 '17 at 15:37

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