I downloaded a file and it has music added over top. I was wondering if there is a way for me to remove the music stream so that I can restore the original audio stream from when the video was made?

Also you should know I'm not good at code.



If there was an original video with an audio track and later someone added music to it by mixing it over the original audio, it's impossible to “un-mix” those two signals again. Your file has only one audio track, so there's nothing to separate.

PS: The only exception is signals where the stereo layout would allow you to extract certain components. A typical example is a “karaoke effect”, where you'd pull out vocals from pop music, since those are typically mixed dead-center and lie within a known frequency range, and therefore are easier to separate from other instruments. There are tools for this that are sold commercially, but there are some other free tools as well. And the sound-engineer's perspective on this is described here.

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