I have recently purchased a domain name, we'll call it domain.suffix. On the LAN, I have an Active Directory subdomain called directory.domain.suffix. I have a website set up on a Windows Nano Server with IIS (a member of the Active Directory domain) named webserver.directory.domain.suffix.

From the Internet, I'm able to access the website using either domain.suffix, or www.domain.suffix. From within the LAN though, I'm only able to access it using www.domain.suffix.

From my ISP, I have 5 static usable public IP addresses: let's call them as follows:

On my LAN, I have for the router and for the web server.

My pfSense router and firewall is using public IP address Using a virtual IP and port forwarding rule in pfSense, HTTP traffic for public IP is routed to the web server, which is local IP

I am using Active Directory DNS, but it's not linked to the domain name provider's DNS server, so this is for name resolution for the LAN. Under domain.suffix, I have only two records: a Host (A) record pointing all LAN requests to *.domain.suffix to public IP address (the web server). The one Alias (CNAME) record sends all LAN requests for www.domain.suffix to the host webserver.directory.domain.suffix. Again, Active Directory is using the directory subdomain.

So my question is, how can I access the web site from LAN hosts through both www.domain.suffix and domain.suffix?


dns entries has nothing to do with access to your web site from an internal network.

the dns server translate a domainname to an ip address

ping yourdomain.com 

will give you:

PING yourdomain.com ( 56 data bytes

whether your webserver will listen to your ip address is something else, check the IIS manual for that.

Make sure that will work from your lan first, then you can configure your router to forward internet access traffic to your IIS server.

  • As it is now, http(s):// is accessible from inside the LAN. Internet traffic is being forwarded to the IIS server, and using URL Rewrite, I'm redirecting to https://www.domain.suffix. Pinging domain.suffix doesn't work (could not find the host) from within the LAN, whereas pinging www.domain.suffix does work. – Andrew Jul 14 '17 at 20:15
  • Then you should "tell" your pfSense router/firewall to forward the traffic from it's public IP addresses (100.0.x.x) to Maybe this guide (first google hit) can help: turbofuture.com/computers/… – zarvox Jul 15 '17 at 9:25

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