Problem: ~2 minutes (seconds after my wallpapers auto change ) after log on, almost everything becomes very very slow. Game like Forza motosport 6 APEX, Resident Evil 7 seems not be affected even in Window (not full screen) mode.

Problem still after trying:

  • I check and use SysinternalsSuite\ Autoruns / msconfig / Task Manager / Schedule to close all the items for a clean boot.
  • Create a empty new user profile.


  • Use SysinternalsSuite\ procexp, Event logger, didn't find much.
  • Services
    • I found the exact time as same as the sluggish occurs when I was comparing the Services difference between the boundary of sluggish.
    • That is NetSetupSvc - Network Setup Service, which is auto run by trigger and auto stop, when it stops everything become sluggish.
    • And no matter how to set the run type - by manual, even disable; either run it again after it auto stops.
      There must be some relationships, such as who triggers it to run and to stop.
  • Use Windows Preferences Analyse (WPA).

    • Some system process starts and stops seconds around everything goes slow.
    • Could found high UI Delays \ COM Delay occurs when right clicking on folders in taskbar.

    See Boot_Trace.rar (V3)

    • At https + ://share.weiyun.com/d342aed77fe831840e3bca95ae74d794. (I can only post max 2 links default expired on July, 14).
    • In environment where closed almost all the items (see Autoruns),
    • With some heavy mouse operation - right click between folders -on taskbar to see if system slows down(explorer.exe - untime Broker、ShellExperienceHost).
    • Seizing happens at the ~100th second, when high CPU occupied with the operations above.

    Also see slowWindowsShell result.

    • https: + //share.weiyun.com/82873c8f2a064edbce126cb294674e78 (I can only post max 2 links, default expired on July, 16)
    • A ETL result of WPA record profile by @magicandre1981 , talked / details in comment of this question.
  • Use msconfig to log boot:

    There are 200 rows of records excluding duplicates. Original content (expired at July 15).
    I try to compare both, but found little relativity. Sort by loaded item (*.sys),

    • Normal boot loads much more items;
    • Safe mode has its own items;
    • Safe mode didn't load some items which not appears in normal mode;
    • Records on the same item has different state - loaded & not loaded;
    • ...

    More doubts:

    • There are two state - BOOTLOG_LOADED / BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED. Does BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED means abnormal?
    • Or, can I make any future configs to adjust from normal boot to safe mode?
  • System Restore Node
    • Maybe the division before this problem, I keep my computer always on / sleep long time before a reboot.
    • And the Restore node is already lost, now I'm not sure how to restore, or even delete them manually, I used a driver update tool to do this but without backup.
    • See System Restore.png
  • Disk

    CrystalDiskInfo on System is fine (I can only upload max 2 links now). Can't see other SSD and Hard Drivers on my PC, maybe I disable too many in Autoruns? When system slows down, the 4K write speed as typical showed by AS SSD Benchmark reduce from normal 150MB/s to 30MB/s, etc.

Other info:

  • Log off / Sleep, then log on, could re-produce the problem.
  • Safe mode is fine.
  • Seems some drivers were updated some day before, seen from System Auto Backup, but the point was delete/covered now.
  • 1
    Install the WPT (part of Win10 SDK) and run this command from a cmd.exe which was started as admin to capture a boot trace: xbootmgr –trace boot -traceFlags BASE+LATENCY+DISK_IO_INIT+DISPATCHER+DRIVERS+FILE_IO+FILE_IO_INIT+NETWORKTRACE+PERF_COUNTER+POWER+PRIORITY+REGISTRY -postBootDelay 300 -resultPath C:\Boot_Trace. postBootDelay 300 captures 5 minutes of activity after boot – magicandre1981 Jul 3 '17 at 17:20
  • when you open the ETL do you see now activity after 2 minutes? – magicandre1981 Jul 4 '17 at 20:03
  • @magicandre1981 Update post. Didn't see Now Activity in any process. – RobertL Jul 6 '17 at 10:30
  • the CAB is not helpful. You need to zip and share the large ETL file – magicandre1981 Jul 6 '17 at 15:36
  • @magicandre1981Updated. 100+M – RobertL Jul 7 '17 at 4:27

Run msconfig.exe in run and enable bootlog for debug which process have problem with check boot log.  Then you can see what’s happened in boot.


Sounds like you're being pretty thorough. I'm curious what the "normal process" was that stopped just before it triggers? I'd like to see that boot trace to see if I can help.

And to confirm, you've ruled out hard drive failure with something like CrystalDiskInfo, so you are dealing with a software glitch for sure? (Takes 2 minutes to download, install and run.) The reason I ask is, I've seen computers with bad drives boot alright, then grind to a complete halt once they hit a difficult to access file. You never know where bad sectors will land, and when they just start to show up, they very often trigger only for certain software or at certain moments. And yes, they can reliably trigger for that one program.

If you have checked your hardware / SMART info, then disregard and continue.

  • Eh.. I'll correct it. "normal process" above means some system processes start and end around time. I'm not sure if it is normal or not. Upload the ETL (cab) file, see WPA. Upload the CrystalDiskInfo result. I checked disk using chkdsk in volume property menu. Your diagnose is right. I omit the infos that I use SSD as system driver, and there are hard drivers. BTW ruled out drive failure, also because safe mode is fine, and fault happens regularly. – RobertL Jul 6 '17 at 11:37

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