I recently find every night around 00:00, my windows pc will shows up a taskeng.exe:

enter image description here

I don't know what the windows stands for, and if is possible my PC get a computer virus.


I was installed mysql in my PC.


This is simply a task that is scheduled with Windows Task Scheduler per applicable options (likely the defaults) that keeps the MySQL Product Catalog updated with the latest updates and such.

Please note that this does not automatically install the updates onto the MySQL server but it gets the MySQL Product Catalog updated so you can install applicable component updates if needed.

What is it

Product Catalog

The product catalog stores the complete list of released MySQL products for Microsoft Windows that are available to download from MySQL. By default, and when an Internet connection is present, MySQL Installer updates the catalog daily. You can also update the catalog manually from the dashboard

MySQL Installer Dashboard

  1. The MySQL Installer Options button (enter image description here) enables you to schedule daily automatic catalog updates. By default, catalog updates are scheduled at the hour when MySQL Installer was first installed. When new products or product versions are available, MySQL Installer adds them to the catalog and then displays an arrow icon (enter image description here) next to the version number of installed products listed in the dashboard.

    Use this option to enable or disable automatic catalog updates and to reset the time of day when the MySQL Installer updates the catalog automatically. For specific settings, see the task named ManifestUpdate in the Windows Task Scheduler.

  1. The Catalog link enables you to download the latest catalog of MySQL products manually and then to integrate those product changes with MySQL Installer. The catalog-download action does not perform an upgrade of the products already installed on the host. Instead, it returns to the dashboard and displays an arrow icon in the Version column for each installed product that has a newer version. Use the Upgrade operation to install the newer product version.


Check it manually

You can run this update from an admin elevated command prompt using the same path as in the scheduled task (see below How to disable it) including passed arguments to see what updates are available per this check (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Installer for Windows\MySQLInstallerConsole.exe" Community Update).

enter image description here

How to disable it

Simply go to the Task Scheduler and disable the job named ManifestUpdate which should be located in the Installer container beneath the MySQL container which is just beneath Task Scheduler Library; just right click and select Disable.

enter image description here enter image description hereenter image description here

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