I have a Turkish keyboard and in my keyboard there isn't a standalone '+' character. So following doesn't work for me

How to increase Terminal font size on OSX?

Following is my keyboard layout. What is the shortcut for "increase font size" in Terminal?

Turkish keyboard layout


All you have to do is get a “+” sign, so normally you'd do ctrl=, but since you need a command modifier to increase the text size, press ctrlcommand=.

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    It won't work. In my case for + character i use shift+4, when i press shift+cmd+4 it does not increase font. cntrl+cmd+(-) works though even in sublime 'Larger text' is mapped to cmd+(+)
    – serkan
    Feb 25 '19 at 12:55

I discovered by chance that following key combination increases font size (Zoon In).

FnShiftCmd4 (+ is located on 4 key)

You can use default shortcut keys for Zoom out and Reset:

  • Zoom out: Cmd-
  • Reset zoom: Cmd0

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