I have interest in customize some folders on my system via desktop.ini and the LocalizedResourceName property, but i dont know how i could list all possible values/strings contained in Windows dlls.

For example, the Saved Games special folder have its LocalizedResourceName pointed to @%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21814, and i want to list all the other localization resources within this dll.

How can I display all of this data?

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Assuming that the strings you want aren't "hard coded" someplace (a generally safe assumption for Microsoft software), you can use a program like Resources Extract from Nirsoft to get at strings that are stored as resources within an executable or DLL.

FWIW: The string you mention in your question, LocalizedResourceName, actually exists in wmp.dll in the System32 folder.

Also, you'll find similar tools by doing a Google search for "windows resource extractor."

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