I'm running Sublime Text 3 with the following Packages:

"PHP Companion" "Package Control", "PHP Completion" "PHP Getter and Setter" "PHP Grammar" "PHP Snippet"

Everytime I start sublime PHP automatically added to ignored packages like so:


I've tried commenting out "PHP" from ignored packages and saving it, as well as deleting it completely from "ignored_packages" and saving it, but then every time I start Sublime up, it puts it back.

Does anyone know what might be causing this error? How could I fix it? If you need any more information, please comment and let me know



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Presumably to avoid conflicts, the PHP Grammar package disables the the default PHP package


I'm the author of the package. It disables the native PHP package to avoid conflicts.

You don't need to fix anything. That said, php-grammar doesn't provide PHP completions or snippets, those are provided by their separate packages:

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