Navigating between the WSL Bash shell and the Windows environment can be challenging because the path in windows is say: C:\Windows and in bash it is: /mnt/c/Windows Launching the Windows Explorer using the Current Working Directory (CWD) does not work by doing: start .

What is the command that I should type?

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As of now you just need to write


inside of your script.sh file and you can run it with

bash script.sh

Seems by default /mnt/c/Windows is not in the bash path environment variable so the best so far is: /mnt/c/Windows/explorer.exe .


found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44245721/launching-explorer-from-wsl


alias start='cmd.exe /c start'

then start . will work too.

Note: it will not start an explorer on linux only files, but any mapped windows file systems will work.

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