I've accidentaly lost my Opera session by moving a tab to a separate window, then closing main window with about 80 tabs opened first and new window second. I've managed to copy the /home/user/.config/opera/Last Session file to a safe location, and now I want to restore it. Unfortunately, when I copy it back to /home/user/.config/opera/ and rename to Current Session, Opera starts with only speed dial opened, my copied session file becomes Last Session again and Current Session file get overridden with empty session anyway.

Is there a way to make Opera accept this file as a current session ? While I could extract website addresses from saved "Last Session" file, it seems tedious to manually reopen 80+ tabs while the session file is at hand (but for some reason it's not working)

I'm using Opera 44.0


others have tried and failed to find a solution: https://www.reddit.com/r/operabrowser/comments/61um2w/restore_last_accidentally_closed_session_in_opera/

It sounds like you are looking for a temporary solution to a problem that will probably continue to happen.

I suggest using the tedious method to restore your session and then taking one of the actions below to prevent having this type of issue in the future:

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