I have installed (using VMware Workstation) a Linux virtual machine on my Windows 7 computer.
I'm wondering how to copy a file in Linux to Windows. To copy from Windows to Linux virtual machine is easy; just drag and drop. But the reverse is not obvious to me.

Thanks for your help.

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I suggest you to please install Cygwin in your windows PC and you can following command for copy windows to Linux.

scp /cygdrive/d/test.txt :/root/test.txt

Or you can also use WinSCP, It is very simple.


  1. Make sure, you have VMWare tools installed on linux VM.
  2. Select the file (want to copy)
  3. Ctrl + C
  4. Ctrl + V to paste in your host machine "Windows 7"

Most probably, you don't have VMWare tools installed in linux VM


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