I discovered today after upgrading and rebuilding some server hardware that Plex, Windows Media Server, and this new "Groove" thing won't play some of my FLAC files I ripped from CDs. These files weren't touched and other FLAC files on the same drive play fine.

Since the size seems fine, I tried playing in VLC - and they play fine! From the file dates, it seems like rips from only several days around 7/4/2011 have been affected. mp3tag also seems to see the embedded metadata (title, album art, comment with freedb id, etc) fine, but windows doesn't.

I used EAC back then (and actually probably still would for the few new CDs I buy). I could re-rip but my CDs are super-disorganized. Any ideas what could be wrong with these files?

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Can anything be done?

If VLC can play this file it probably can convert it, so convert your problematic files to… FLAC maybe.

If there's any problem with this approach, you may try to convert to another lossless format and then back to FLAC with another tool.

Any ideas what could be wrong with these files?

At the moment I have no idea.

  • Thanks Kamil! I used the convert functions of VLC to do exactly as you suggested, saving again as a FLAC. This time, both VLC and the other players were able to successfully decode the file. It was also a bit larger and none of the tags were showing in mp3tag anymore. Still curious, I used gvim to edit both and saw ID3 tags in the bad files! I must have changed my EAC settings for some days back then. A hydrogenaudio post sad: You can rewrite tags using MP3Tag. Add files to MP3Tag, Select all files, Right click->Tag Cut, Yes, OK. Then again Right click->Tag Paste, Yes, OK. All at once
    – BrentHarsh
    Jul 7, 2017 at 5:42

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