Following the answer below:

SO - Adobe Reader Command Line Reference

I was struggling to make that command, AcroRd32.exe /t <filename> <printername> <drivername> <portname>, work with the latest version of Adobe Reader DC. The problem was that the files were not sent to the printer (I tried multiple variations of the command).

I found a solution by installing an older version of Adobe Reader, v9. However, I would like to use the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Isn't the print command working anymore in the new version of Adobe Reader or has the command changed?

PS: Foxit Reader, RawFilePrinter, SumatraPDF, 2Printer are not suitable for my needs.


Try this instead:

AcroRd32.exe /N /T <filename> <printername>

This worked for me as it was would previously work for an older version but when I upgraded to Adobe Reader DC it stopped working.

  • If works for me with Adobe Reader DC 2019.010 – NetVicious Mar 22 at 14:09

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