When trying to install a plugin using the Notepad++ Plugin Manager on Windows 10 (this may happen on any Windows => 7), the update manager prompts to be updated before installing the update. I click Yes, then see a UAC prompt asking for admin access to update the program, Notepadd++ wants to be restarted to finish the update of Plugin Manager.

It seems like everything went fine, but when trying to install a plugin, the process just starts over. When checking the Plugin Manager version, it never changes, but there are no errors presented, either.

This is similar to this question, however, in that case, Notepadd++ presented an error when updating, while in my case, there is no error, it just does not work.


Although you see a UAC prompt asking to make changes to the program during the update of Plugin Manager, it does not allow Notepadd++ to make these changes to its files. In order to successfully update the Plugin Manager, Notepadd++ must first be started as Administrator:

  1. Find the Notepadd++ shortcut in the start menu
  2. Right-click the shortcut, and select "Run As Administrator" or similar
  3. Confirm the UAC prompt or enter admin password.
  4. Proceed with the Plugin Manager Update
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