i need some help with setting up my host machine for running virtual servers on ubuntu server.

I have a server with 4x2TB SAS which are in raid6 using raid adapter (dell perc h730p). The idea is to setup LVM and then use KVM/QEMU, virtlib and virt-manager for setting up and operating the virtual servers.

The problem i have now is, i cant figure out a good way to set up my LVM for this setup.

What i thought of doing was, make the whole disk use LVM during host machine ubuntu installation and then make a 50gb LV partition for it. Then split the rest of the disk into 2 parts, 20GB for seperate /home LV to use across all the virtual servers and rest of the space would to to var/lib which will house all the virtual server images.

Does the above make any sense?

Also, do i need to make a new LV inside var/lib for each virtual server for snapshots, or how should that be set up?


The best way for you is using two logical volumes (of course if you planning to use only by virtual machines):

/ - 50GB
/var - other space

KVM, libvirt and virt-manager does not using /home directory, so you no need to create volume for it.

The setting up of LVM is pretty easy, you can start with some introduction article about LVM.

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