The question may sound obvious, but I cannot connect to open TCP port on Windows 10 Home on my home network.

My devices: PC1 - Windows 10 Home (with Ubuntu 14 installed as a second OS) PC2 - Windows 8.1

To test connectivity, I do the following: - run "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" on PC1 (this opens local HTTP server on port 8000 to browse filesystem) - open http://[PC1 ip]:8000/ on PC1 - works as expected. - connect PC2 to the same local WiFi network. - open http://[PC2 ip]:8000/ on PC2 - connection timeout.

I have tried different things to troubleshoot: - added wifi network to "private" on both PC1 and PC2 - turned off the firewall on both PC1 and PC2 - turned on the firewall on PC1 with the rule "allow inbound connections on port 8000" - turned off Windows Defender on both PC1 and PC2 - disabled (and then uninstalled) antivirus on PC1

PING does not work in either direction, too. From PC2, Wireshark shows SYN attempts to PC1 with no response. Though I see ARP packets go here and there and IP address resolves to MAC correctly.

If I run Ubuntu on PC1, everything works perfectly. I wonder if there any kind of limitation on "Home" edition of Windows that disallows inbound TCP connects?

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    netstat -abn -proto tcp in an elevated cmd to check that you are actually listening on the correct IP address (either your local network address or should work; won't). – Bob Jul 17 '17 at 0:38
  • thank you for your response, I do see listening on But still, cannot connect. – AlexB Aug 22 '17 at 3:18
  • When you say you uninstalled antivirus - what software were you using? It's common for antivirus programs to silently drop all incoming connection attempts. Can you try turning off Windows Firewall entirely, just to test? – Bob Aug 22 '17 at 3:29

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