When adding an endnote, after I type in the endnote, I want to return to add text where I earlier added the endnote.

To do this, in the endnote, I right-click, then take the option Go to Endnote: "Go to Endnote" option in right-click menu.

How can I add this to my Quick Access toolbar?

I am familiar with adding items to the Quick Access toolbar, but cannot see which option I need to add.

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I have found what to do - which is easy.

Either (1) go to Word Options, then select the Quick Access Toolbar, or (2) On the Quick Access Toolbar, take the right-most option "Customize Quick Access Toolbar", then "More Commands...".

In the drop down "Choose command from:", choose "All Commands". Scroll down to "Go To Endnote". Select this, click on the Add button to add it to your QAT. The click on OK, to save the change.

"Customize Quick Access Toolbar" image

  • I use a Mac and had the same problem. I had found that option... but it doesn't apply the changes in my computer when I save them. I suppose it is a problem of Endnote, because it works well with any other option... Aug 31, 2018 at 18:37

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