I would like to schedule my PC to create a restore point every 24 hours, and only keep the last 7 days worth of these automatically created restore points.

I can configure the SR task in Task Scheduler to create a restore point every 24 hours, but as far as I can tell this will just accumulate restore points indefinitely.

Is there a way to achieve a limited continuous restore point schedule?


Since you know how to create Restore points, here is how to delete them selectively using a PowerShell script.

#delete all System Restore Points older than 7 days 
$removeDate = (Get-Date).AddDays(-7)
Get-ComputerRestorePoint |
        Where { $_.ConvertToDateTime($_.CreationTime) -lt  $removeDate } |  

You limit the drive space that System Restore can use in the same window that you manage the system restore settings. Just set a percentage and forget it.

System Properties

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