How to turn my 10 inch tablet into primary PC touch monitor (Windows 7) ?

There is alike question How would you turn a tablet into a keyboard + easy-to-reach touchscreen (mirror the desktop) (not a touchpad) for a desktop PC?

suggesting VNC server.

All I need is to have 10 inch Android tablet installed in my car as touch monitor and have GUI, camera view processing done by a more powerful laptop or PC installed in the same car.

Since PC is heavy and consumes high power I would prefer Windows 7 tablet for tests.

There is a number of tablet as a secondary monitor solutions on the Internet but I need to use 10" tablet as a Primary Control Monitor for Windows 7 since I need touch screen functionality to access GUI menu (Chrome)

thank you darius

  • no comments at all ? – darius Jul 21 '17 at 12:44

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