I am trying to create a symlink on shared folder and it is failing.

  1. Host: Windows 7
  2. Guest: Debian Jessie
  3. Shared folder created using VirtualBox dialog, automount disabled
  4. Mounting command:

    sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 vm_shared /home/userName/vm_shared

Now, I cd to ~/vm_shared and ls and mkdir no problem, they show on host windows machine and guest Linux machine.

When I try to create a symlink in the shared folder to be able to browse another Linux folder from Windows machine using:

sudo ln -s ~/toBeBrowsed  ~/vm_shared/targetFolder

I get the following:

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘~/vm_shared/targetFolder/toBeBrowsed’: Read-only file system

What am I missing?

Update: You can't create a symlink to shared folder that resides on a file system that does not support symlinks.

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