I'll have to explain this with an example..

Sheet 1: I have one sheet whose contents are conditional - I change say Cell A1 and B1, and the whole sheet changes based on these. Cell C1 is read by Sheet 2.

Sheet 2: This is a scenario based sheet - it has multiple tables for considering certain situations. The trouble is however, the tables in this sheet cannot 'inject' values into the cells in Sheet 1 to receive the resultant value(s) for each conditional circumstance.

So the question essentially is:
Is it possible to create a template sheet (with conditions and formulae) which can be instantiated with differing values in each instance?

If this could be the case, I could access the cells of the sheet object.

More Information: Sheet 1 could be thought of as a pRNG algorithm, with cells in Sheet 2 providing seeds to it. The seed for Sheet 1 cannot be hard coded, as Sheet 2 deals with differing seeds.

Thinking about this programmatically, I'd set up all the formulae in Sheet1, and then do something like:

Dim Alg1 as Sheet1
Alg1.Range("A1").Value = 34512
Alg1.Range("B1").Value = 54312

Sheet2.Range("C7").Value = Alg1.Range("C1").Value

All whilst being able to make changes to Sheet1 and have them reflected in Alg1.

  • so you want sheet 1 to be dependent on sheet 2, and sheet 2 to be dependent on sheet 1? – Jonathon Anderson Jul 21 '17 at 18:05
  • Not quite; I'm not really talking about dependencies. I just want to have like a template approach instead of hard typing in values into sheets. – Synthetic Ascension Jul 21 '17 at 21:56

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