I try to use Cisco Anyconnect client 4.4.03034 on Mac which is behind proxy.

I enter VPN domain name, press "Connect" button and get the following error:

The vpn connection failed due to unsuccessful domain name resolution.

This is obviously caused by the machine behind proxy. I.e. i have to export http_proxy in command line or setup it for different software to make things work.

In System preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies i have "Automatic proxy configuration" enabled pointing on the *.pac configuration file. Unfortunately looks like Anyconnect on Mac does not know anything about system proxy settings.

I have Windows machine behind the same proxy and looks like Cisco Anyconnect there uses Internet Explorer proxy settings. Unfortunately on Mac i do not know how to let it know about system proxy. Any ideas? Maybe some command line options for anyconnect client or configuration file?


I found two ways to use AnyConnect VPN behind proxy on MacOS.

  • You can download Anyconnect Profile Editor and create XML configuration which will force the AnyConnect to use specified proxy. Put the configuration under /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile/MyCustomProfile.xml (you can see the most important part of such configuration below):
            <PublicProxyServerAddress UserControllable="true"></PublicProxyServerAddress>
  • or you can simply setup OpenConnect for Mac which I found a more easy solution which also does not override your routing table.
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