I am attempting to make a custom "uninstaller script" using a batch file that will delete specified files, then delete itself after all is said and done. My goal is to make a script that can be converted to EXE format as well. Here is my base script:

rmdir "%DIRECTORYPATH%" /s /q
del "%FILEPATH%" /s /q
(goto) 2>nul & del "%~f0"

With this script, I can get the batch file to delete itself, but not after converting it into executable format with F2KO Software's Bat To Exe Converter. I have tinkered with the settings before compiling the output, but nothing seems to work. The purpose of converting my script to this format is so that I can set a custom icon and version information.

I have even declared set paths in my script, converted it, wrapped the exe in an SFX archive, and set it to extract and run from %TEMP% with no success. The SFX module binds the EXE and doesn't allow self-deletion. I attempted to use this method (originally from @Samy Bencherif) to get around the SFX module running in the background, but this also didn't work:

rmdir "%DIRECTORYPATH%" /s /q
del "%FILEPATH%" /s /q
process.start("cmd /c ping localhost -n 3 > nul & del "%TARGETPATH%")
taskkill /%TARGET%.exe

The list of attempts goes on. I have tried every thing I know, and have been searching for some time now with no fruition. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Aim to the file location then>

DEL App.exe

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    Already tried that. – Mr. Mendelli Jul 24 '17 at 7:58

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