Is it possible to downgrade PHP version from 7.1.7 to 7.0.6 on centOS 7?

I've try to run

yum remove php-common php-cli mod-php

then install php with run

yum -y install php70w-pdo php70w-mysqlnd php70w-opcache php70w-xml php70w-mcrypt php70w-gd

but always said php 7.0 is obsolete version will be replace with 7.1

Always return back to php 7.1.7

Is there any ways to downgrade PHP version, because I need to install Magento 2.1.7 that required php 7.0x version.


One always need to safely downgrade the PHP version using the commands.

The following are the commands for the downgrade of PHP version:

yum downgrade php

The above command will give the actions that yum will do and proceed. Also you will need to do the following

yum --disablerepo remi-php71 downgrade php

Well, after this problem I've stuck in a few days, then today I found the question.

First thing remove php71 from system,

yum remove php-common php-cli mod-php

enable remi-php70

yum-config-manager --enable remi-php70

after that disabled the 7.1

yum-config-manager --disable remi-php71

then do

yum update

then install php 7.0.x

yum -y install php70u php70u-pdo php70u-mysqlnd php70u-opcache php70u-xml php70u-mcrypt php70u-gd php70u-devel php70u-mysql php70u-intl php70u-mbstring php70u-bcmath php70u-json php70u-iconv php70u-soap

restart apache and it's work.

I think this way is also work for downgrading from php 7 to 5


As you have php 7.1 from remi-php71 repository, you have to switch to remi-php70 repository

# yum-config-manager --disable remi-php71
# yum-config-manager --enable remi-php70
# yum downgrade php php-common php-....

P.S. php70u or php70w are from other repositories, please notice that mixing various repositories is a bad idea.

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