I'm trying to set up a Mininet environment with SDN setup, each under a separate VirtualBox VM(mininet@mininet and media@odl) (using this tutorial- pretty strait forward). First adapter in VMs by default is NAT, and I also added a second adapter under host-only.

However, on my host (non-VM) machine, I can not SSH to any of those two VMs.

I again googled and followed port forwarding recommendation here for the first adapter (i.e. NAT) on @odl just to test (for NAT adapter). And the port forwarding on odl's configuration looks similar to this (btw I chose 'allow all' for that mode- no difference though).

enter image description here

However, still no chance to ssh to the VM. When I do ssh media@, I get permission error:

odl@'s password: 
Permission denied, please try again.

What is going wrong? How can I access those VMs? Not only from host, the mininet should also see odl.

This is odl's ifconfig: enter image description here

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