I have SSD of Samsung 850 EVO, it support hardware encryption.

On SSD drive I have multiple partition, one for SYSTEM (C:) and one for DATA (D:).

I want use hardware encoding with bitlocker for both partition. Actually i'm set bitlocker only for system. Hardware encryption for System is ok where manage-bde -status.

For second partition on same drive hardware encryption is not supported. Why? If try set bitlocker for DATA partition, so system use software encryption, not hardware. If I run command in cmd

manage-bde -on D: -fet Hardware

I get error code 0x803100b2 - The drive specified does not support hardware-based encryption.

My Notebook is Lenovo Thinkpad e550.

Its possible some fix it for use hardware encryption on multiple partion on same drive? I can format full drive again.


The solution was simple in the end:

You must create small empty partition before second partition, with size 100 or 200 MB (200 MB is recommended for Bitlocker.)

Computer management

After creation of empty partition bitlocker allow encrypt DATA partition with hardware method. manage-bde -status

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