Here's my situation:

  • New to Ubuntu (just installed 9.10 Karmic Koala 64 bit)
  • Purpose: to easily run PyCharm without too much typing (ie. cd... ./pycharm.sh)
  • Want to create desktop Launcher instead of terminal & typing (without resorting to the "Run in Terminal" option)
  • Tried to create Launcher to executes .sh script in Document directory
  • Right-clicked Desktop > Create Launcher
  • a. Type == Application; Browse > [insert absolute path to .sh script]; no luck
  • b. Type == Application in Terminal; Browse > ...ditto

I'm open to any other alternatives that involve as little typing as possible. I would like to just start Ubuntu, click Launcher icons, and have terminals spring to life, running the intended scripts.

Crazy? No. Lazy? Probably. Productive? Hopefully :)

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You can create a symbolic link to pycharm your the /home/<youruser>/bin directory (you might have to create that directory first).

Afterwards, you should really check out Gnome-Do, a true productivity booster which requires very little typing :) You can install it via Add/Remove programs or just apt-get install gnome-do.

Once installed, just press Win-Space (this pops up the launcher), type 'pycharm' (or whatever name you gave the symlink in your bin directory), hit Enter, and you're good to go.


You can easily create symbolic link like

sudo ln -s /path_to_pycharm/bin/pycharm.sh /usr/local/bin/pycharm

After this you can just type pycharm is app launcher, terminal, wherever!


Just put the full path to the bash script in the command line for the launcher dialog.

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