I have been given a new work computer, and it exhibits some additional functionality that is slowly becoming a nuisance.

The computer supports automatic diacritics; for example, if I type an apostrophe, nothing will display on the screen. Instead, the computer waits for my next input. If the next letter supports the ring diacritic, the ring diacritic version of said letter appears. If it does not, both the apostrophe and the letter appear.

For example, if I type 'a, it prints á.

I am using a HP machine running Windows 10 Professional version 10.0.15063. A colleague has an identical machine, and we have confirmed the same behaviour on his. I can not seem to find anything to do with diacritics in Control Panel, and research has only turned up plug-ins to provide this functionality. How do I disable automatic diacritics?

  • What language packs. Have you asked your IT staff for help? – Ramhound Aug 2 '17 at 5:44
  • @Ramhound, I am the IT staff. The others are just as confused. The only language pack is English (Australia) – Gnemlock Aug 2 '17 at 5:51

You probably have your keyboard layout set to 'US International'. Changing it to 'US' should fix this.

  • This answer pointed me to a solution. Windows 10 does not give you the option to change keyboards; rather, you have a series of keyboards. – Gnemlock Aug 2 '17 at 6:58

It turns out my problem was in trying to change my keyboard layout. As it turns out, Windows 10 does not give you the option to change layouts; rather, you have a series of layouts to add and remove from.

After going to Settings > Time & Language, you are shown your current languages. For me, this only shows "English(Australia)". Click on this option, and select "Options".

From the window that pops up, you are shown a series of keyboards. I found I was using both "US" and "US International". Clicking on "US International", and selecting "Remove" disabled the automatic diacritics.

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