Am i crazy or the native calculator on MacOS Sierra is not working ? For instance, if i want to sum 10 + 20 , i do the follwoing :

1 - Type '10'
2 - Type '+'
3 - Type '20'
4 - Type 'Enter'

What calculator does after the step 4 is to REPEAT the '20', instead of giving me the correct result (30) :

enter image description here

This problem started after upgrade to Sierra 10.12.6.


Deactivate "Reverse Polish Notation" in the menu :)

Otherwise you have to enter "10 Enter 20 +" to get 30. It's operating with a stack in RPN mode.

To be fair, there is a kind of bug in RPN mode - pressing "+" with only one operand on the stack should have signaled an error to you (as "+" operation in RPN is defined as fetching two operands from stack, adding them, and pushing the result back on the stack). HP calculators would not allow this.

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  • Thank you, actually the option is on View > RPN mode. After deactivate this, worked as i expected :D – delphirules Aug 2 '17 at 13:46
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    @delphirules thanks, didn't have an english OSX here, thus the diffuse description ;) – jvb Aug 2 '17 at 16:11

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