With the default Terminal.app, one can select the previous command output with Cmd + Shift + A and then copy it with Cmd + C (source).

Is there a similar shortcut for iTerm2?


I figured out the solution:

  • Install Shell Integration: iTerm2 > Install Shell Integration
  • Restart iTerm2
  • Run some command that produces output, e.g. pwd
  • Verify that Edit > Select Output of Last Command is enabled, and that the shortcut Cmd + Shift + A works as well.

It works exactly the same for iTerm2 at least in El Capitan.

  • It does not work for me on El Capitan. Or is it a configuration issue in iTerm2? – Juuso Ohtonen Aug 20 '17 at 15:47
  • Thanks to you @Vivien, I figured out what the problem was and added it as an answer. – Juuso Ohtonen Aug 20 '17 at 16:19
  • Nice clarification @JuusoOhtonen. I didn't thought about Shell Integration. It seems I had all the steps done right without trying :) – Vivien Garcia Aug 21 '17 at 2:00

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