I installed python 3.6.2 recently on my windows 10 machine, but I cannot seem to uninstall it at all

The error I get is:

enter image description here

No python 3.6 installation was detected


0x800070643 Fatal error during installation

Things I tried

  • c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\Python > delete folder, app still shows up
  • Revo uninstaller > uninstall python 3.6
  • Uninstall app normally through "add or remove" programs
  • Delete Python36 environmental path
  • Some combinastion of repair+modify and then uninstall... no go

How do I fix this?

I haven't tried doing any registry edits or using restore points yet though

  • Have you tried install and then uninstall? – Stephen Rauch Aug 7 '17 at 15:20
  • ya I can't install either now since it can't find my installation, and I can't uninstall since it can't find my installation – Vincent Tang Aug 7 '17 at 15:23
  • I ended up just using a restore point so problem solved i guess? – Vincent Tang Aug 7 '17 at 15:23
  • This was an irritating one that I got as well, for me I had to delete program cache folder in C:\User\username\AppData\Local\Windows\Microsoft\Program Cache. The good tool that helped me find any file or folder (and it's path) related to the python installation that had the issue, was fzf. It's a fuzzy finder, a linux tool, but you can install it easily using the package manager scoop i.e scoop install fzf. Though I don't exactly remember which bucket it was exactly in so as a precautionary, prior to installation you could do - scoop bucket add main & scoop bucket add extras. Hope this helps. – Roshan Jun 13 at 17:37



  1. Go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Programs
  2. Delete Python Folder
  3. Go to Control Panel >> Uninstall a Program
  4. Right Click on Python and then Change/Modify
  5. Click on Repair Python. Note: This may or may not fail, but be patient
  6. Now Again go to step 3
  7. Now, after step 3, uninstall Python

Congratulations!! Uninstalled!!

Now Install a new fresh version

Happy Coding! Happy Programming!!

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    I tried these steps, and it broke my install/uninstall. Luckily I had saved a zip archive of the folder before deleting it. A normal uninstall worked for me without issue. First try a normal uninstall, before trying these steps. – Felipe Alvarez May 20 '19 at 22:14
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    @FelipeAlvarez I find it fun that you searched and applied a solution for a problem you didn't have. – Machado Jan 29 at 19:42

It's also possible to execute the python3 installer again, you get option to repair or uninstall. Just choose uninstall, it will be done properly.

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I just used a restore point didn't have to edit registry

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    That's a terrible solution, (I'm not blaming you but windows) – user1767754 Jan 24 '18 at 6:18

I uninstalled first which removed it from the list but none of the files. Go to the folder and delete and then delete from the start menu - seems to work.

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