So recently I was trying to install something from the Windows 10 store. I clicked the Get button and it asks for me to verify my Microsoft account. I entered my email address in and password for the Microsoft account I had made before. It comes back with an error saying "Oops, something went wrong. Service unavailable" (no error code).

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Followed by:

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When I try again "later" the same thing appears. This has been going on for about a month so definitely something wrong on my end.

I tried to use another email address, creating a new Microsoft account from that and I get this "Something went wrong, please try again later 0x80190005". I tried to look up this error code but there is not much information out there from google.


The main problem is not being able to log in to the Microsoft Store. When I goto microsoft.com and log in to my account, it lets me log in without any issues.

What I have tried

  • I have tried making a new account as stated under my scenario with a different email address. I have tried going to Internet Options > Advanced > turning on SSL3.0, TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2 as suggested on several sites. SSL2.0 does not appear in my list even though suggested to enable but since not in my list, I can not turn it on of course.
  • I have tried deleting the contents of the two folders: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download as suggested as well. It deletes the contents of Download no problem but states that the files under the DataStore folder are in use.
  • I have verified that Windows Firewall is indeed turned on.
  • My time and date are accurate (some suggested this as well)
  • My account I am logged in as is Admin, has a PIN and password set up on it (some suggested using a PIN to fix this)

So as you can see, I have tried everything I could find out there and I am still unable to download anything from the Microsoft Store. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Also let me know if you need any other information.


So the solution I found is to add a new admin to the computer using CMD (ran as administrator):

net user NAME /add
net localgroup administrators NAME /add

where NAME is the user name to add.

To maintain my original user's name, I created a temporary admin account, logged in, copied my old account files over, deleted the original, then repeated again to a new account with the original's name. This has to be done since you can't rename account names in Windows 10.

To remove an account I did so through "Accounts" under Control Panels.

I then switched to the new admin user and everything worked fine. This seems to be more of a work around but I could not find any other solution out there to work.

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