How can we check whether the machine is a physical or virtual one in Linux?

Which command can be used?

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If you've got systemd installed, it comes with systemd-detect-virt.

me@real-machine:~$ systemd-detect-virt 

me@vm:~$ systemd-detect-virt 

Can detect many different types of virtualization and containers, too.

If don't have systemd, there is also virt-what which has a package at least on Debian (and considering where it comes from, unsurprisingly for RedHat too).

See also “Easy way to determine virtualization technology” on Unix & Linux for a bunch more approaches.


Using lshw will give you system information:

  1. Run the command: sudo apt-get install lshw
    • NOTE: This command may vary depending on the Linux distribution.
  2. Run the command: sudo lshw -class system
  3. This will show information about the system. For example, if the machine is a Dell or HP, that will be the product. In the case of a virtual machine, the product will be the name of the emulator.
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    You can also do something equivalent with dmidecode
    – davidgo
    Aug 7, 2017 at 23:48

Similar question in serverfault:

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And my answer :-)

hostnamectl status

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