I want to open .mov files from Firefox in VLC.

On my Options/Applications there is no item in the list for mov or video.

The firefox help says "click on the mov file and select the application". When I click on a .mov file, it goes straight to a grey screen with a video icon, and the message:

Video format or mime type is not supported.

Firefox does not ask what to do with it, even though everything in settings/applications is set to always ask. In options/general/downloads, I have checked Always ask you where to save files. If I right-click a .mov and use save link as..., I can save the file and open it in VLC, no problem.

I'm using Windows 7, if that matters. In the firefox console, I see

Media resource http://.../09312-s2.mov could not be decoded.

And if this is relevant, the server header is Content-Type: "video/quicktime"


Check under Settings in the Applications panel how Firefox handles mov files: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/applications-panel-set-how-firefox-handles-files

The MIME types available in Firefox are AFAIK based off of the MIME types registered in Windows. If there is a MIME type that isn't showing up, make sure that it is setup properly in Windows. For more clues on adding a new mime type look here.

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