I am trying to access a shared drive from my Mac on my Raspberry Pi. I am able to access and mount the drive and see the files but I am unable to make any changes or write files to the mounted drive. Any ideas?

I'm mounting the drive with the following line of code:

sudo mount -t cifs -v -rw -o username=pi,password=<witheld> // /home/pi/TurntableRemote/

As I said, it works fine to mount and view files but I am unable to make changes. I created a new user for sharing only on my mac and then gave it read/write permissions to that folder. I also tried connecting using my main username/password and I get the same thing.

I'm hoping there is a simply answer and I just missed something. Thanks!


I seemed to have solved this by adding a uid value to the options. The new code, if anyone is interested is below.

sudo mount -t cifs -v -rw -o username=pi,password=<witheld>,uid=pi // /home/pi/TurntableRemote/

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