I need to add two URL's to a single string value in registry. Please guide me which separator needs to be added to this two URL? I cannot add another string value with same name since it wont accept it. kindly help me out. Thanks in advance. attached screenshot for your reference.

Screenshot for reference

I have Windows 7.


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The Registry's native functionality for storing multiple strings requires that the value type be REG_MULTI_SZ, not the REG_SZ that your value is currently using.

If your application will work with the REG_MULTI_SZ value type, change it as follows:

  1. Rename the existing value to URL-old
  2. Right-click the white space below the values and click New then Multi-String Value
  3. Name the value (URL in your case)
  4. Edit the value and on each separate line provide the various strings you require
  5. Delete the original URL-old value once you've transferred all of the strings

It's of course possible your application expects multiple strings to be stored in a value with the REG_SZ type. If this is a case, the correct delimiter will be specified by the application. Common delimiters include the characters ;, | (pipe), and ,, but it's anybody's guess what the application expects.

There is no standard delimiter for separating strings in Registry data since that functionality is provided by the REG_MULTI_SZ value type.

  • I do added reg multi sz as you suggested. but when i restart the system and check its automatically changing to reg sz type and only first value is added. could you help me what would be the cause for that?
    – Karthik
    Aug 10, 2017 at 13:19
  • It appears your application doesn't support the REG_MULTI_SZ value type. You should contact the application vendor to find out how to provide multiple strings through the one Registry value. Aug 10, 2017 at 15:05

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