I am interested in play/pause controls for gifs, like we have for videos(on Youtube, for example) or even for gifs on Reddit(gfycat player RES extension): reddit animation play pause controls

I've googled and read other threads here on Super User but couldn't find a proper solution. People propose Pause! Pause! Pause!(broken link); Stop animations and Gif Jam (Animation Stopper) extensions for Chrome but that's not what I need.

Any ideas, guys?


There are two Chrome Extensions that I've tried:

  1. GIF Scrubber
  2. Play the GIF

GIF Scrubber seems much more popular, but I chose Play the GIF because it adds the controls on the same window instead of opening a new tab/window.

  • I just tried GIF Scrubber. It works, but it does open a new tab/window instead of adding the controls on the same window.
    – Betty
    Jan 19 at 6:21

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