So, when i play Sims 3 or League of Legends my PC sometimes gives me black screen and stops responding until i reboot it. For Sims 3 it usually occurs once in a few hours, not every session (been fine for the last couple of months, tho I don’t play it that much). For LoL – pretty much every session, once per hour or so. And i am not sure if these problems r the same, but sometimes when i do other random tasks, PC freezes up for a few seconds then goes back to normal again. I have no idea whats goin on, and, tbh, im freakin out. Got a few opinions that it might be a faulty hardware, but i have no clue how to find out which one

This is what i tried so far (and it didnt really help):

  • Official Windows hotfix p95v2810.win64 (Issue there is described as: This issue occurs because of heavy group policy use and the presence of SCOM causing a deadlock condition between the Lsass.exe process, the Redirected Drive Buffering Subsystem (Rdbss.sys) driver, and the Winsock kernel)
  • Jumping between different GPU drivers
  • Various benchmark/stress tests such as Heaven (did just fine for a couple hours, then i turned it off) and Prime95 (2 hours, also fine, tho one temperature score* was 90+, so i didnt think its a good idea to let it run further when im not around). Have a HWiNFO-log for the latter. Memtest64 also found no errors.
  • Tweaking Radeon Graphic settings for both games
  • Checking power supply voltage in the BIOS, seems okay
  • Re-installing Windows with/without updates
  • Checking for malware, CureIt didnt find anything, there r also no suspicious processes in task manager

*As for cooling/temperature: aside from one mysterious extra-high sensor (marked as Temp2 in SpeedFan and Auxiliary in HWiNFO), others hardly exceed 50-60 even under a heavy load, so i am pretty sure thats not the issue

I do not have a bucket of hardware pieces just lying around, so I would really like a way to figure the issue out without swapping them. Thanks in advance


  • GPU AMD R9 380
  • Win7 64 bit
  • Monitor Dell 22" P2217 (2217-4565)
  • Motherboard MSI 970A-G43
  • CPU AMD FX-Series FX-8350 OEM
  • Power supply 700W Zalman ZM700-LX RAM 8GB

EDIT: No hints in game-logs either

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    If you didn't check them already, log files should be in /User/Documents for both games. Maybe they can give you more information about what caused the crash. – doriclazar Aug 12 '17 at 3:43
  • nothing in LoL folder, only minor script-errors in Sims, tho they didnt cause a crash – Rosette Aug 12 '17 at 14:44
  • just crashed yet again, could somebody please help me? – Rosette Aug 14 '17 at 21:41

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