I have two LG 22MP68VQ monitors connected to an iMac running macOS Sierra.

I want to dim the backlight on the monitors. I'm pretty sure you can't do it on a software level and have tried things like Shades and Brightness Slider.

I am fine doing it manually on the monitor. However, there doesn't seem to be an option for it.

There is a 'Display' button in the settings menu but it is greyed out. I'm pretty sure that's how to change the brightness but I can't understand why it won't let me access this menu.

Can someone please help with this because these screens are very bright at night time.


According to the manual you may need to change the Picture Mode to Custom before you can enter the Display subsection:

Picture menu

However it appears the correct place to change brightness is under Quick Settings: Quick Settings menu

If that still doesn't help, it seems like a few other people have issues with the SMART ENERGY SAVING mode automatically adjusting brightness. I would recommend turning this OFF (shown under the Quick Settings section in the screenshot above). If you don't have that option, this SuperUser post details how to disable it via a hardware button.

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