C:\Alice\Example\ has its read-only attriube set.

C:\Bob\Example\ is not read-only, but hidden.

When I copy and paste the Example directory from C:\Alice to C:\Bob using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+V, the target directory C:\Bob\Example\ remains hidden, without becoming read-only.

This is a problem, because:

  • The directory icon is lost (desktop.ini doesn't work without the parent's read-only attribute).
  • The directory becomes hidden.

Optional questions:

  • Is it a bug in Windows Explorer? How to report it?

You probably cannot use Windows Explorer, or keyboard shortcuts CTRL + V and CTRL + V.

You can use the command line tool xcopy, with the /H and /K parameters. This will copy hidden and read-only files, as well as copy file attributes.

/H Copies hidden and system files also.

/K Copies attributes. Normal Xcopy will reset read-only attributes.

Additional command line switches can be found from the command line by typing xcopy /?

Sample command for your situation

xcopy "C:\Alice" "C:\Bob" /E /H /K

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