Is there any way to fully export Outlook 2016 accounts to a file so they can be easily moved to another system ? I have to manage quite a few email accounts for work and it's becoming a major pain . Especially when I have to prepare another machine or reload the Windows on one. I tried using the import/export function built in but that's extremely limited and of no use in this case.

Even having those Outlook run on a different partition than the system partition would be nice , maybe then all I'd have to do is install Outlook after reinstalling Windows and not type like a robot 10+ account info and passwords , then wait for Outlook 2016 to reprocess all the data.

OneNote can move its files with great ease and good security and I was hoping to find a similar procedure for Outlook but my Google Fu has failed and Microsoft doesn't have any official solution .

Also we're dealing with legal info on sensitive cases and we simply can't risk our info to sit on the cloud and MS/Google/Whomever to hand it over to a malevolent party because Judge Lapdog from Lower Warlordetto sent them a napkin written subpoena.

Please advise


try this:

  1. Close the outlook client on the actual system
  2. Copy the .ost file in the follow path:


  1. Start the outlook client in the new system and configure it to use it, close the Client after a 10 seconds.
  2. Copy the old .ost file to the new system and replace the new .ost file, changue the name of the old .ost if is necesary.
  3. Start the outlook client on the new machine again.

Important: don't start the outlook client of the old system after copy the old .ost file.

  • That did not work. – Michaelis White Aug 15 '17 at 13:42
  • Would you explaind why doesnt work? Do you you have any question? – Fernando G. Aug 16 '17 at 17:35
  • I followed the instructions to the letter, copied the .ost and Outlook didn't picked up the new account. Is there a tutorial on the subject or a video ? – Michaelis White Aug 17 '17 at 9:38

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