Since approximetly the last update, Chrome does not respect the /etc/hosts file anymore. It does, but only for domains not listed in any public nameserver. It respects devserver.local but it does not for stackoverflow.com for example.

I have deactivated the automatic lookup services, deleted the browsers cache and did restart my notebook, I went do chrome://net-internals/#dns and cleared the hosts cache. None of it did help.

What can I actually do to resolve official domains for development to my local address?

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OSX 10.11.6 Chrome 60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Q/As which did not solve the problem:

Why is Chrome ignoring /etc/hosts on OS X?



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The solution was to disable "Auto Proxy Discovery".

I am using a transparent proxy so it does not need any configuration. My internet works even with no proxy configured (because it's a transparent proxy) but the option "Auto Proxy Discovery" has an impact on the DNS resolution.

I think this option was beeing enabled when a system wide update was triggered from a sysop.

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