I want to use Bullet Physics' pybullet python library to create and work with a GUI window. Thing is, I'm running a python interpreter through SSH from a remote server.

Now, I can access most GUI windows through X11 forwarding (all the matplotlib plots successfully forward their graphical content to my local machine). However, for some reason, the OpenGL-based window that should open up when I use import pybullet as p; p.connect(p.GUI) fails to execute and I get the following error report before the kernel dies:

pybullet build time: Aug 14 2017 11:46:39
startThreads creating 1 threads.
starting thread 0
started thread 0 
argv[0] = unused
argv[1] = 
argv[2] = --logtostderr
argv[3] = --start_demo_name=Physics Server
ExampleBrowserThreadFunc started
X11 functions dynamically loaded using dlopen/dlsym OK!
glewXInit dynamically loaded using dlopen/dlsym OK
glewXInit OK
Failed to retrieve a framebuffer config

The GUI pops up perfectly fine if I execute it locally from my remote machine, so the problem is not with pybullet.

Has someone come across this problem before?


By default, PyBullet uses OpenGL 3.x

Try using

import pybullet as p p.connect(p.GUI, options="--opengl2")

It is not fully featured, but may give you some kind of view.

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